I designed Bright apparel originally for myself. I needed a reminder. I needed something physical that I could touch that would help me stay grounded and remind me that I am safe and that I am secure. I needed that.

This journey has been a long one. Each step, a beautiful challenge, led me to this point. To find a way to share my story. My awakening.

This is bigger than apparel. It is my why. Its my how. Its me. I am Bright.

Being present, trying to constantly stay in focus and in alignment is not easy. To stop looking backwards is not easy. To see the light in others when all you see is darkness, is not easy. To constantly remind yourself that you are safe, is not easy. Between 2018 and 2022 I’ve needed me. In a real way. A way that sits outside of me. And this line, this brand represents that. It is my reminder that I am here. Always. Safe, loved and whole. Lacking nothing.



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